Friday, March 13, 2009

New Products Have Arrived!!

I've just introduced a few new products to my standard line-up. Lip balms, Solid Perfumes, Lucious Shea Butter Body Butter, Whipped Soaps and Scrubs. At the moment I have so many scents on hand I am able to offer these products with a large array of scents to choose from until supplies last. Then I will move towards my line-up of standard scents with some seasonal. Rosemary Mint - Black Amber Lavender - Eucalyptus Mint - Vanilla Mint- Oatmeal, Milk og Honey - Sugared Walnut - Chamomile Bergamot - Coconut Lemongrass - Lychee Red Tea, to name a few. **Men's - Sandalwood Vanilla - Skurge & more to come.

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