Friday, April 10, 2009

New Product Line Launched

It's official!! New pet line has been launched!!

Wonderful shampoos in sample / small dog size 1 oz!!

Larger sizes coming soon!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Huh.. can I use that as a title? =)

So I've been working fairly hard & I might add A LOT lately with my 9-5 job which is actually 12-9 while doing some product developing for my bath & body line-up on, I am very happy with my final outcomes.

My Shea Body Butter is just awesome. I use it everyday and can't image being without it. I went thru a week of trial and error reading message boards and blogs to final my exact recipe. Now after about 2-3 weeks of trial and error I am finally happy with my body mist / linen spray's. They are super light weight, non-oily and the scents last an amazingly long time! It seems while I've been so hard at work developing my product line I haven't been paying attention to much else. Well aside from work, work, baby & boyfriend not in that exact order.

With this sad note I have to announce that my "dad-away-from-dad's" great grandmother had passed away. I call him that cause he is not my dad nor of any relation to me however it acts in every way as my father & probably should have been my dad =). I am so saddened for his loss. She was amazingly 95 years old. Here's the link about her and her life
Anthony I love you and sorry to hear about your loss.