Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yeah =o) A compliment

So I was out walking with my daughter and one of my neighbors stopped me and asked me where I work. She said my skin is always very nice and she complimented me on my make-up. We started talking and then next thing I know I got an order =o)

Definitely makes me feel good. Like I've choosen the right path with my business. After years of working a make-up counter for Lancome, being an make-up artist, avon lady and independent consultant/freelance maybe working through all that finally landed me where I need to be.

A peek at the women behind Såpeterapi

A baby shower gift for a litte boy:

Found on etsy @

Mistakes, a bad morning & awesome movie

I got home late from my 12-9 job & saw my container order in the kitchen staring at me. I was so beat I decided to deal with it this morning. I must have been sleep walking or in a haze when I placed my order. Every single container I order is the wrong wrong kind = The only thing I can think of to cheer me up is that the new containers I'd be switching to I can do a lot sooner now once I return this order and use up what I got on hand.. What a big dummy move I did. I feel likea zombie the past month and this only proves it!

In a good note I watched Repo, The Genetic Opera.... LOVED IT! What can I say I am a sucker for operas / musicials / Sara Brightman ha ha. Plus all the gore was just up my alley. =o]

Ok I'm smiling now ....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the mix

Lately, I've been making a few orders thanks to my gals in UWIB. Etsy has been difficult for me to branch out, however, if this current trend keeps up I'll be recieving orders weekly instead of ever other month. My main sales have been from local shops, which is great but running to Monroe, Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, West Virginia & etc is a bit much at times. I've thought about just shipping my products to the vendors but I prefer the face-to-face interaction with my partners. Plus I always love the chance for me and Madeleine to hit the road. She always steals the show.

Packaging is ever evolving it seems. I finally settled on a label design, thanks to an etsy artist. I used her banner she made for my shop as my company logo. Containers on the other hand I am still messing with. I've settled on a 2oz sample size, 4 oz standard size & an 8 oz large size. Although I may change my 8oz to maybe an 10/11 oz later on down the road. Clear containers so products can be seen...lids on the other hand a completely different story. I had orginally settled against white (even though I love the clear appearance it gives) and had choosen black. It just seems to made the packaging dark and uninviting. Once these containers are used up I am changing vendors and found a great vendor where I am offer silver aluminum lids. In my option it gives a nice clean, bright appearance.

Product line?

Bar soaps are still available but in limited quanities & scents. I am offering a 3 bar bundle currently with a soap holder to liquidate my current inventory. I think in the past I've been offering random scents but Såpeterapi will start offering making scents in bars, whipped soaps, lotions, bath bombs, perfumes & scrubs. That way someone can order their favorite scent in any product or even make a bundle with that scent. I will still offer my seasonal line-up but things will start to have a streamline look to make it easier for customers.

In other news... I just bought my second print from If you haven't yet had the chance to see her wonder works your truely missing out. I find her artwork affordable and one-of a kind. Truely a talented artist with a great vision.

If I had the money... I would own this at this very moment!! Available at A very talented artist with a surreal vision and a palettable array of art that will leave you wanting to buy every single one of the pieces. I found myself laying in bed last night thinking where I would hang this...

And lastly but certainly not least. The best one-of-a-kind / orginal idea on etsy I've found. Also the most usefull item

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's a nice feeling

One of my lovely and talented UWIB mates made an order with me. While I am a newer soap gal starting up it's always a nice feeling to get when you get some wonderful feedback about a product. It truely has made my day.

In other news I recieved an order from a local shop here carrying my line for 50 more units. It's nice that spring time brings in some business. Now if I could get my etsy shop moving along ...

I wanted to share a personal something cause she truely is the reason I do everything I do. Madeleine mommy love you.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Products Have Arrived!!

I've just introduced a few new products to my standard line-up. Lip balms, Solid Perfumes, Lucious Shea Butter Body Butter, Whipped Soaps and Scrubs. At the moment I have so many scents on hand I am able to offer these products with a large array of scents to choose from until supplies last. Then I will move towards my line-up of standard scents with some seasonal. Rosemary Mint - Black Amber Lavender - Eucalyptus Mint - Vanilla Mint- Oatmeal, Milk og Honey - Sugared Walnut - Chamomile Bergamot - Coconut Lemongrass - Lychee Red Tea, to name a few. **Men's - Sandalwood Vanilla - Skurge & more to come.