Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Make-up Line

Thanks to a lot of encouraging from friends & family I've decided to make my make-up line public and not longer exclusive. I've been making my own makeup now for many years and have made it for close friends and family. I've suffered from severe acne for many years and I'm proud to say no one would know it. That is evidence of a clean make-up line with no fillers but good quality ingredients and a healthy diet and skin care routine. Up until now I've turned away offers to sell it. So I'm no longer being stingy and will be selling it at in the upcoming weeks. My soap & bath line has now moved to Såpeterapi a line I created just that. It is available at Såpeterapi means simply "soap therapy". Nothing is therapeutic then a nice soak in the tub with a spa quality bath scrub or a nice long shower with a good smelling bar of soap. That the whole belief behind Såpeterapi, Indulge & Escape One Bar At A Time. Not to mention it's green.

I look forward to posting very soon with the new line called R&B Inner Beauty

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  1. Niiiice.... I am glad the secret is now available to all.